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Low light plants
Wednesday, November 16, 2016
By Fairyblooms
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Hello there, thank you for visiting our blog! We are thrilled you're here.

We have been getting asked a lot lately about low light plants for winter months. 

heres some helpful tips... 

Echeverias and Graptoverias need very bright light to maintain their beautiful shape and color, so be sure to keep them near a window during winter months if you have brought them indoors. 

Low light plants include:

Most crassulas 



I hope this helps some. 

look through the website for plants with *low light* written in the description


thank you for shopping with fairyblooms! 

Leaf Propagation
Friday, October 21, 2016
By Fairyblooms
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Hi Everyone!

I wanted to answer some questions with these quick tips on propagating succulents by leaf.


1st: Get a GOOD LEAF! You should be able to remove the leaf from the stem of the succulent very easily. When succulents propagate naturally, the leaves fall off of the "mother plant" and kinda hide underneath in the shade. We want to mimic that as closely as possible. So find a nice loose leaf and pop it off or wiggle it from side to side until it pops off... DO NOT TEAR the leaf haha! A torn leaf will not propagate.


2nd: The more leaves, the better your chances. Since we have a long road ahead of waiting, you will be much happier if you have lots of leaves going at the same time rather than three or four, only to find that half of those were bum leafs and you get two little plants out of it. SO THE MORE THE MERRIER! Also put your leaves in a place where they will get "bright natural light" but not direct sun! Direct sun will scorch and wither away that little leaf and you will be left with nothing! I put mine on flat surface where they can breathe for a few weeks and get over the trauma of being out on their own in the wild.


3rd: Ok, within about 2 weeks you should start to see little roots. If you have an overachiever, a tiny bud might start to form, but don’t count on it...yet. At this point you can lay them flat on top of some cactus soil mixed with pumice. Be CERTAIN you have excellent drainage or they will sit in wet soil and rot and die. You can now mist them with water from a spray bottle which you can buy at Target or the dollar store.


4th: KEEP WAITING! Be patient. Your best bet is to expect this process to take a few months or so. Keep watering about twice a week with your spray bottle. Do not use an old spray bottle that had Windex in it or something else that might be harsh for your leaves.


5th: You should be seeing some serious buds around 2 months—LEAVE THEM ALONE!! It's hard, but you have to! If you remove the leaf from the bud before it has its own stem, chances are it will die and you will have to start all over again. Ugh. Just don't...take it from me!


6th: Once the leaf dries up and detaches ON ITS OWN then you can pick a new home for it.


I hope this is helpful! Let me know if you guys have any more questions! This is what works for me. Every climate is different, I'm sure, but just remember that the closer it is to natural propagation, the better! And some leaves, no matter how perfectly you treat it, will never bud or root. They're just duds. Don't sweat it—just throw it out and move on haha!




Unurth Pots & Planters
Friday, October 21, 2016
By Fairyblooms
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We wanted to share with you a little more about the Unurth pots that we carry.  Please enjoy the below blog about Jenn and her amazing work!!


Hi Fairyblooms and friends! I'm so excited to be a part of this shop! Angelique and Ben asked me to write a bit about my process making and dreaming of work.

Exploring the local hills and oceans growing up, I've been deeply moved by the spirit of the natural world. It has always been a place I could go to think through challenges and feel connected with life. A place of peace. There is a well of inspiration all around us- In the fall of a leaf, the ever changing sea, or the twinkle of dew in the morning.. even a weed growing on the side of the road. There is magic in the details- in the way the world flows. It is my hope that my work brings some of this magic into our everyday life. The scale Im working in right now is important for its intimacy- small works you can drink from or have on your work desk. In some my pieces, for example, the carvings are reminiscent of both ocean waves and the erosion that can occur where water pools in rock. I choose glaze colors that are vibrant, evocative, and that have movement on the surface- mimicking details and color in nature. Color is an emotional element. I know I have hit on something when customers absolutely light up when they see my work! That’s the best feeling.

Day to day varies in the studio. Depending on what’s on the list, I may be at the pottery wheel, sketching new ideas, on the computer for office work, at a retail show, packing up pieces to send to a stockist, or out in the hills- working through ideas and strategies. Some ideas come easy and some take development. For all my work, though, it takes a heavy dose of daydreaming in the sun (or hopefully, this winter bundled up and watching the rain!) with a sketchbook. Truly my happy place.

It has been a winding road to get here, that’s for sure! Finding the thing that resonates with you can take a while. In college I experimented with fine art and graduated in product design. I worked in corporate as a toy designer for 5 years, as a graphic designer, and through it all, I knew my path is authentically a conversation between the land and my hands. It is a winding, but rich path!! I feel like I'm only just arriving at the work and there is so much to explore! I’m so proud of what I have built and most excited about the work that has yet to be made. Dinnerware, larger garden pieces, the integration of other materials, sculptural work and serving vessels all dance in my head. There is time enough for it all. Thank you so much for joining me!!